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About Sylacauga City Schools


The city of Sylacauga has been chosen as one of the top 100 communities in which to live in for the third consecutive year by the America's Promise: The Alliance for Youth and know as "Alabama's Best Kept Secret." It is located approximately one hour southeast of Birmingham and an hour north of Montgomery. Sylacauga is situated in the southeast corner of beautiful Talladega County in the Coosa Valley along the lower extension of the Appalachian Mountain Range. Intersected by U.S. Highways 280 and 231, the community is easily accessible. Sylacauga is the home to the world's purest white marble which is used in many of the national monuments in Washington, DC, home of the famous Hodges Meteorite, the only meteorite ever known to strike a person, and hometown of worldrenowned entertainer, Jim Nabors.

The education level of our students is just as diverse as their economic background. We have students who have traveled the world and those who have never been out of the county.
We have students who enter the system reading proficiently and those who enter as beginning readers. We have students who graduate from major universities throughout the United States and students who enter the federal welfare system before they graduate. The general characteristics of our student population could not be more diverse. Likewise, the general characteristics of our community closely resemble that of our student population.

The school system is governed by a five member Board of Education whose members are appointed by the City Council of Sylacauga for staggered five-year terms. This group formulates the policies that govern the system. The day-to-day operation of the school system is entrusted to the Superintendent of Schools who is appointed by the Board of Education. The school system also must comply with regulations of the State Board of Education, a body of eight elected officials, which oversees state educational policies. 

Sylacauga City Schools has enjoyed a long history of excellence in education having been accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) for many years. The first school to be accredited was SHS in 1947, with NLMS (as East Highland) in 1954, and IV and PC accredited in 1973. The combined instructional administration in SCS has 146 years as administrators, with 360 total years' experience in education and 274 years' of experience in SCS. Currently, the total enrollment is 2,294 students with almost half of those students transported to and from school by buses using 15 different routes. Sylacauga City Schools currently employs 327 people and contracts with additional personnel as needed.


Mission Statement


The mission of the Sylacauga City Schools, in partnership with families and the community, is to prepare graduates who are ready for college, career, and community success.




Belief Statements


In order to accomplish our mission, the Sylacuaga City School System is committed to these beliefs:

  • High expectations are necessary to achieve goals and expand opportunities for all.
  • Education is a responsibility shared by families, schools and the community.
  • Safe, innovative, student-centered schools optimize student success.
  • Exemplary teachers, leaders, and staff who are well resourced and supported are essential for effective schools.
  • Rigorous, relevant curriculum and diversified instruction maximize student achievement.
  • Effective schools operate with equity, accountability, and fiscal responsibility.
  • Effective schools inspire trust, invite collaboration, and are valuable assets to our community.







The school district will not tolerate hostile or abusive treatment, derogatory remarks or acts of violence because of disability against students, staff or volunteers with disabilities.  The school district encourages the reporting of this prohibited behavior to the school administration.


43 North Broadway Ave | Sylacauga, AL 35150 | PH: 256-245-5256