Welcome to Student Services

The Student Services Coordinator for the Sylacauga City Schools System has various responsibilities that are mostly related to prevention and support services for students, families and school staff.   Bobby M. Hall works with committee members to develop, review and revise school board policy. As the attendance supervisor, he investigates and conducts follow-ups on truancy issues as reported by school personnel.  He coordinates the Truancy Early Warning program with Juvenile Court officials, attends juvenile court proceedings and conducts home visits when necessary. He also supervises student enrollment and coordinates the placement of irregular enrollments. 

As the discipline liaison at the school board level, the Student Services Coordinator meets with students, parents, administrators, and other school staff as necessary to ensure that all students are provided due process.  He completes the district and state attendance reports, the School Incident Reports, OCR Compliance Reports and other documentation related to prevention and support services.  He also works with local law enforcement officials (including the School Resource Officers) and Juvenile Court officials to ensure that state and federal laws are followed as related to the school system.  As the At-Risk Coordinator he supervises programs funded through Title IV, At-Risk, Children First, and various grant funding sources.  He works with other school staff, students, parents, and community members to develop and maintain at-risk programs for the school system.  He serves as the liaison for the alternative school programs.  He also serves as the Sexual Harassment Officer and supervises the Guidance program, including several tutoring programs through the alliance with SAFE.  As the Health Services Coordinator he works with the school system medical staff, Alabama Department of Education personnel, and Alabama Health Department personnel to coordinate pupil health services.  In addition to the duties mentioned above, the Student Services Coordinator performs other necessary duties as assigned by the Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendent.

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